Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finally a plant update

Okay so this is maybe the worst update ever because what am I doing?  Posting pictures of my plants from like 3 weeks ago.  They are all way bigger now.  But I am lazy.  And tired.

Above - the lone cauliflower that survived!  It is probably double that size by now.  The little stubby thing in front of it is a sunflower that something ate, but now it has come back to life and isn't eaten.

Below - calla lilies!  I'm really hoping they bloom by the wedding so I can use them in my bouquet.  I thought maybe there was something wrong with them because they had all those white spots/holes on their leaves, but that's yellow calla lilies for you apparently.

Below - the goyo kumba eggplants!  I think by mid-September I'll have a billion.  What am I going to do with them?  I don't know.  Maybe draw jack-o-lantern faces on them and take pictures of them and then compost them.  I think they are more ornamental than edible.  Waste of a plant?  Maybe, but kind of fun to grow from a seed.

Below - two angles of all my plants.  The tomatoes in the pictures are now all about double those sizes but still only one spoon plant with actual ripening fruit.  They seem to be ripening a bit later this year, but maybe it's my imagination.  I'm sure by next week they'll be ripening faster than I can eat them!

And last but not least - the garlics are still trucking along...

It is really cool knowing that every single plant I grew this year, with the exception of a few herbs I bought, was grown from a tiny seed.  The spoon tomato plants, which I really do want to do a post on at some point, are the most impressive because the seeds are ridiculously tiny but have grown into huge, sprawling bushes.

What did I learn this year?  ONLY USE NEW SEEDS.  How dumb was I to use a bunch of last year's seeds... a lot of my plants got a late start because of that.  Also, the Jiffy Greenhouse was a bad idea because the dirt pellets retained too much moisture and killed a bunch of plants or just rotted the seeds.  Don't mess with a system you know works (aka last year's system) is my gardening lesson of the year.

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