Friday, July 13, 2012

Worse than Twilight

A couple weeks ago I was bored on a Saturday evening and found myself watching one of the Twilight movies.  It was on TV and my sister was watching it - please make note that I did not actively say "I would like to watch Twilight."

I have never seen or read any of the Twilight movies or books but I totally judge them without giving them a try, and finally seeing that the movie was as bad as I always dreamed showed me that sometimes, you really can judge a book by its cover, because it was pretty terrible.  I think it was mostly an excuse to have a bunch of shirtless guys walking around showing off their pecs and abs.  But my question about that is:  if they need to keep their shirts off so they don't rip their shirts when they transform into werewolves, why do their pants remain intact?  If their pants are made of a special material that does not rip upon transforming, why can't they get some shirts made out of that too?  It seems like it would be cold running around in the middle of the night in Washington or Oregon or wherever on the coast it took place with no shirt on.

So anyway I was like "It's true - this is actually the worst movie EVER!" and my sister was like "This one is way better than the first one" and I was like "Change the channel, this is so terrible and boring" so we flipped to a different movie.

This movie was a romantic comedy starring Mandy Moore as a clumsy but beautiful marriage counselor whose parents get divorced, so she tries to marriage counsel them back into love.

And I have to say - it was legit worse than Twilight.  Like actually WAY worse than Twilight.  For example, in the middle of marriage counseling some people, Mandy Moore realized her receptionist sister was reading patient files and she was like "What did I tell you about reading patient files!  Give those back!" in front of the people she was counseling, and the sister was like "No, I am so wacky, and unprofessional, I want to keep reading these!" so Mandy Moore grabbed them and the sister held on and they had a tug of war with the confidential patient files and then the wacky sister let go and Mandy Moore went flying into a bunch of stuff and tables went crashing down on top of her, ha ha so clumsy and wacky.  All in front of Mandy Moore's clients. 

So the moral of the story is, yes, Twilight is terrible and lame.  But it's sadly not the worst thing out there.  However I did not finish watching either movie because they were both so terrible.

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