Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Robyn: 1, Motion Sickness: 0

YOU GUYS!!!  Today was a super bumpy flight home from work LET ME TELL YOU.  Like, one of those flights where you are glad to be wearing a seat belt.  And we had to take off and land 3 times and the landings were all really rough, but GUESS WHAT!

Not a tinch (a tiny inch - phrase coined by my friend Sherri and her sibs) of motion sickness!  And I only took half a Gravol while normally I'd be totally puking on that rough of a flight even with a full Gravol.

What is my secret?  I can't remember if I already mentioned this before but I was reading about motion sickness and it's caused when what you're seeing with your eyes doesn't match up with what you're feeling in your inner ear.  For example, when you're on a plane you're moving so fast and don't have anything close enough to relate to that your eyes don't understand that you're bumping around, but your inner ear totally feels it and your brain gets confused and is like "what to do?  Throw up I guess".

So apparently the way to fight motion sickness is keep your eyes closed so your inner ear has nothing to get confused about.

AND IT WORKS!!!  It's basically a miracle.  Ever since I started trying this out I have not had a speck of nausea on a plane, and I got confident enough this week to use less Gravol to make sure it actually was working.  The only sucky thing is that it's really boring to have to spend 3 hours with your eyes closed if you can't sleep.  No more reading on the plane for me, except maybe in winter when the flights aren't bumpy.  I guess I need to be proactive and download some podcasts or something to listen to instead of reading.

The other sucky thing is this means it will not be helpful for fun things that cause me motion sickness, like rides.  I still don't know how much worse my motion sickness will get in my life but I really hope I can always enjoy roller coasters to some degree.  I think the issue with roller coasters is that they go so fast that your brain doesn't have time to register where you are before your inner ear feels it.  And motion simulator rides are basically the opposite of a bumpy plane - you're not actually moving but your eyes think you are.

Gravol doesn't make me too drowsy though so if I have to take it to enjoy Disneyland, that's what I'll have to do I guess.

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