Monday, July 23, 2012

Food Texts from My Mom

A Taste of Saskatchewan happened a couple weeks ago in Saskatoon.  It's an annual food festival by the river where various restaurants offer three different dishes to try for usually 5 bucks.  I used to love it but lately it's become mostly mediocre restaurants offering mediocre, usually deep fried items.  However, Saboroso Brazilian Steakhouse had a decent BBQ beef on a bun, as evidenced by this text from my mom:

Mom:  The beef bum thing fr sab oh row so is good not huge but just a taste Haha you would like it joeys only has fish and chips that looked good

It was also my mom's birthday around the same time.  I was at work but my sisters put on a taco supper at our house, but not until ruling out dinner at Las Palapas:

Mom:  Should we eat at lap pala pas 67 shoul3 we make tabos At Your hous

Maybe mom texts about food are the best...

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