Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry sorry sorry

I've been a really sucky blogger lately and I am sorry.  I wanted to stick with the Monday Wednesday Friday schedule but lately things have been really busy and when I've had time to write, I just haven't felt like it.  But here are some updates and things I hope to elaborate on soon:

CHEEZIES.  When we were in Calgary a couple months ago for my cousin's wedding, Brahm and I were listening to a documentary on CBC radio about Cheezies.  It was quite interesting - Cheezies only have like, 90 employees, and are only in Canada, and don't pay for prime spots on the shelves in stores.  So if a store sells Cheezies, it's because the people who run the store believe in Cheezies, not because they've paid to be on the shelf.  Interesting!  So afterwards, all I wanted were Cheezies but I couldn't find them anywhere.  Then Brahm bought me some from a corner store.  Yay!  I love Cheezies.  And Brahm.

My vegetables are growing so well!  It's been a rainy spring/summer so far, which has been giving them some good humidity and moisture.  I need to make a big post about them soon.

Ever been to a conference where they were like "okay, now we are going to have an hour long break so you can network" several times?  An introvert's dream.  NOT.  Sometimes I desperately wish I was not so shy.

One time some SaskTel guys came to my house to install the fibre optic network and it took a million hours.

The house hunt is sadly stalled until after the wedding.  Too much going on all at once :(

When I was 13 I had blonde bangs but brown hair.  Hoping to track down a picture and tell you why one of these days.

Our wedding is in 46 days!  Eeeeek.  We have a fun honeymoon planned to go to some national parks in the US.

I think I've figured out a motion sickness strategy that works!  For planes anyway.  But won't be of any help on motion simulator rides. 

The naked legs post I promised a million years ago!  I can't remember when I posted about it so if you don't remember, I can't link to it because I don't want to Google "Robyn naked legs"...

My Transformers 2 review has been getting a lot of traffic.  I think because people are looking for that picture of Megan Fox sprawled on a motorcycle.  I hope it is educating them about inappropriate and sexist portrayals of women in media while they ogle the picture.  Speaking of Transformers, we watched Transformers 3 yesterday and today (it is so long) so I need to figure out the best way to put my thoughts together on that one.  Then what?  We need a new terrible trilogy to watch I guess.

Okay!  Sorry again for the sucky blogging.  I'll schedule a post in for Friday and then hopefully get to a few next week.

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