Thursday, October 3, 2013


We got KITTENS about a month ago!  I have never had a good pet before (only things like gerbils, turtles, and the most exciting one that wasn't actually exciting: a hedgehog) so I have just been blown away over the last month at how much you can actually like a good pet (e.g. a cat or dog).  They are the greatest little things even though they are sometimes bad and ALWAYS want to touch your technology when you're trying to do something important:

They are also fun to mess with:

We named the orange/brown one Biter and the black one Jaypeg, because if you have known us for any length of time we have been wanting to name a pet (or someone to name their baby, preferably) Jaypeg for a long time.  And it finally happened!

My mom doesn't like the names so she decided to rename Biter "Jangles" and Jaypeg "Mittens."  This led to maybe the best Text from my Mom of all time the other day.  She asked how the cats were doing and I said that they had destroyed the strings on a bunnyhug (HOODIE FOR THE JERKS) that Brahm had left out on the stairs.  She replied:

"Haha they were prob hmmm whats this said the black cat them she told the jangles cat that its their own fault if brahm left a toy for them"
"And it gets wrecked Haha"

They are so bad!  But we love them.