Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today I saw an article on that said Saskatchewan will eventually be getting a new area code, 474.  According to the article, all possible permutations of 306-xxx-xxxx will run out by 2013, because there are so many new cell numbers popping up since everyone over the age of 7 now has a personal cell phone (the article didn't include that statistic but that's my estimation... for the record my future kids aren't having cell phones unless they can pay for them).

Anyway, a relatively unexciting bit of news however the story spawned a pretty opinionated comment:

Ohhhhh Saskatchewan people.  Change is terrifying.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad Blogger - So 3 for the Price of 1

Okay so I am a pretty bad blogger.  Here is why.  Remember how I gave a teaser about some gardening and vegetable growing I was doing?  Well Part A of that was I was testing out growing alfalfa sprouts in a jar in my kitchen.  I got some seeds from the Farmers' Market and it worked AWESOME and I totally planned to take a series of pictures to show the progress over the course of the few days the sprouts grew... and here they are.

First I had to soak the seeds in water for a few hours and I was surprised that they started sprouting within an hour of going into the water!  I don't know if you can see how some of them are sprouting already.

This was my setup.  A jar with mesh and an elastic band.

After the first day.  You can definitely see some sprouting!

Aaand then every day after that I kept forgetting to document the process.  Then today I was like, I am going to eat these sprouts today!  But first I will take a picture!  Then I ate all the sprouts.  As I was popping the last couple of delicious and healthy homegrown sprouts into my mouth, I remembered that I had wanted to take a picture.

And that is why I'm a terrible blogger.  Sorry guys.  To make up for it I will post two more bonus posts, before I go back to work tomorrow and fall out of communication for a week.


Doesn't this pizza look delicious?  It does look really delicious.  This is what I believe is called a Margherita pizza, named after an Italian queen, because it is red (tomato), green (basil), and white (cheese) like the Italian flag.  It is actually my favourite kind of pizza and I have made it a few times now, but I recently went to Montreal and had an insanely delicious slice of it at Atwater Market that used bocconcini instead of regular mozzarella.  

Bocconcini is basically fresh mozzarella so it has a much milder taste but I like the texture of it and feel classy when I have it on a pizza.  So I decided to recreate this delicious pizza when I got home.  I bought bocconcini (expensive) and fresh basil and fresh garlic and fresh tomatoes.  I roasted the garlic, I drenched the crust in olive oil, I assembled the most beautiful pizza ever... and it had NO FLAVOUR.  The tomatoes and the basil were just terrible.  They had zero taste!  Thanks, Sobeys and Superstore.  I am giving up on this pizza now, until the summer when I grow my own tomatoes and own basil.  Too much disappointment.


Here are some pictures from Montreal last weekend.  Basically, cute animals and cute people.

We went to the Biodome where we saw BABY PENGUINS AND BABY PUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awww!  They are just babies.  Cute.

Also we walked up Mont Royal which is pretty close to Brahm's apartment!  Here we are looking at the city.

After this we went out for some authentic Quebec poutine, which was delicious.  I should also mention that the evening before we went out for some authentic Quebec Swiss Chalet type chicken at St. Hubert Express.  It was a very romantic date.

It was a very fun trip!  I am excited to go back in a couple months, hopefully when the puddles have subsided.

Friday, March 18, 2011


100th post!  Hooray!  It has been fun writing this thing.  I hope some people actually read it.

I didn't really do anything today so I am going to leave this post as-is so as not to potentially write a disappointing 100th post.  This isn't really a post, just a bookmark sort of thing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Changing Food Discovery

Do you guys know about Greek yogurt?  I think I first tasted it at a Greek and Italian restaurant in Norway (yeah... go to Norway for a university field class and the one time they arrange a special supper it is for authentic Greek and Italian food, hahaha) and then started reading about it on food blogs before it recently became all the rage and easily available from mainstream grocery stores.  It is awesome and honestly a life changing discovery.

Anyway if you don't know about Greek or strained yogurt, you can read a lot about it on Wikipedia but basically it is yogurt that has been strained to remove the whey (the watery part that sometimes you find floating on top of yogurt) so it is extra thick, basically a texture of high-fat sour cream.

BUT the Greek yogurt I have in my house, while having the same texture and taste as sour cream, is fat-free AND has tons more protein than sour cream (18 grams in 3/4 of a cup - that's like eating two whole eggs)!  I love sour cream but the consistency I prefer in it belongs to the full-fat kind which is pretty high in saturated fat and not especially high in protein.  But now, hello Greek yogurt!  I can eat as much fake sour cream as I want while not taking in ANY saturated and trans fats and also getting a ton of protein out of the deal too.  A snack of carrots and dip is suddenly about a million times more filling and healthy.

Also, in case you are thinking I am the healthiest eater ever, I have been using it as a chip dip hahaha.  But it's sooooo good.  And now only half bad for me.  AND also because there is so much protein in the dip I feel satisfied from way less chips and dip than usual.

So if you didn't know about Greek yogurt, now you do.  You also know that you should definitely switch from sour cream to Greek yogurt because it costs the same, looks the same, tastes the same, but is better for you.  It is a switch you can make with literally no downside.  Which is awesome.

Some things I like about spring

It's gotten kind of springy in Saskatoon lately, even though last night it snowed a lot.  But yesterday I was out doing errands for a couple hours and there were two awesome things that greatly helped my performance of getting places and carrying things:

1.  Not having to wear mitts.  I don't like gloves because they don't really keep my hands warm so I always wear mitts in the winter instead, which keep my hands warm but are also bulky so when I'm trying to carry my purse and my car keys and the garage door opener and shopping bags in or out of the house I always drop stuff all over the place.  It's like I have two fingers on each hand.  HOWEVER when I don't have to wear mitts all 10 fingers can be utilised in their full glory.  Garage door opener?  No problem, I'll just hang it off my pinky while I grab everything else.  Yesssss.

2.  Rubber boots.  Remember how I stepped in a giant puddle in Montreal?  The next day Brahm and I walked all over a giant shopping mall looking for rubber boots, and the only pair we found was (not kidding) $160.  No offense but that's insane.  So I didn't buy any.  But when I got back home my sister's friend had a hot tip that they were available at Zeller's!  And let me tell you, it is so freeing to be walking down the street and be able to look a giant puddle in the eye and just stroll on through.  Thanks rubber boots!  You're awesome.

Also, when it is springy like this and it snows a lot (like last night) you can just wait a day and let it all melt instead of shoveling!  Maybe not what you are supposed to do but oh well :D

I am starting some neat indoor gardening-type projects this week that I will be posting about soon, so STAY TUNED.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not In MY Walmart

While people are suffering unimaginably in Japan and in war zones all over the world, I feel it is important to bring to light a MAJOR PROBLEM that is affecting many Saskatoon citizens.

I am absolutely DISGUSTED by this story, which has been getting a lot of media coverage in Saskatoon lately. (More coverage, more coverage)

If you don't want to click the links (although if you feel like banging your head against a wall, it will for sure make you do that), in a nutshell: a Value Village store has been approved for Saskatoon's Stonegate shopping complex next to the Stonebridge neighbourhood. Problem: many residents of Stonebridge, which is one of the "nicest" new areas in the city, believe that a Value Village store would attract "the wrong type of clientele" to their elite neighbourhood. (Or that it would cause traffic problems in the parking lot - yeah, good cover for being an elitist snob - NOT.)

OMG EWWWW WHAT IF A POOR PERSON COMES TO VALUE VILLAGE AND THEN SHOPS IN OUR FANCY ELITIST FANCY FANCY WALMART SUPERCENTRE AND GETS THE MCDONALDS ALL GREASY!!!! Guys, you are being so ridiculous. It's not like Stonegate is full of Gucci and Prada stores (those are expensive stores, right?). It has a Walmart and a Brick and a HomeSense and a freaking DOLLARAMA. The fanciest clothing store is a REITMANS. An effing Reitmans. To put that into perspective, the Humboldt Mall has 4 stores and one of them is a Reitmans.

I have to share one of the funniest comments from one of the linked articles that proves I am not making my sarcastic sentiments up:


4:32 PM on March 8, 2011

I live in Stonebridge and love it. I built and designed my own home, so I would hardly call it 'characterless'. I hate the idea of a Value Village, but then again, I despise Walmart, Ikea and most other big box store. I can guarantee that I will pass through the Value Village doors just as often as I pass through the doors of Walmart: never. Value Village is a crappy idea for a store in our area.

I was really hoping for a second Costco somewhere in the southern end of the city....even if it ended up in Willowgrove. The one in the north end is so picked over and such a hassle. Plus, I'd love to have one of their gas bars down in this end of the city...

I'm like sooooo fashionable because I HATE big box stores, they are like SOOOOO gross, but OMG I totes HATE driving all the way to Costco to buy cheap gas and buy stuff that OTHER PEOPLE TOUCHED, like why can't they build a Costco by my house, because I hate all the big box stores by my house that carry IDENTICAL AND CHEAPER products. Also EVERYONE who lives in Stonebridge agrees with me because we are all WAY TOO GOOD for big box stores and never shop at them. Except Costco, because you have to buy a membership to shop there so it's basically a country club for super rich people, like ME.

hippiegirl. You are an actual idiot. Congrats on being really stupid.

As some commenters in the links I posted mentioned, the shopping complex just happens to be adjacent to the neighbourhood. It is NOT for the sole use of Stonebridge residents. Also, what a great way to make your neighbourhood look like a completely snobby place to live. Way to make everyone in the neighbourhood look like a total jerk, when it's likely that most Stonebridge residents AREN'T total jerks and don't share the same opinion as their community association president and understand that shopping centres are open to the public, no matter where in the world you live.

Yeah, there are probably snobs in my neighbourhood too. There are probably snobs in every neighbourhood. But there are DFFINITELY snobs in Stonebridge, and they have loudly and proudly made that crystal clear.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Montreal Puddles

I'm in Montreal, and I just walked through what I estimate was a 1.5 foot deep puddle.  By the time I realized I was in it, it was too late to turn back.  I just had to keep going and did not realize it was about 6 steps' worth of wading.

Also - I only brought one pair of shoes with me.

I like going new places but surprise puddles are the worst.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I love going to the Farmers' Market in Saskatoon.  Everything being sold is awesome, the vendors are awesome, and you always end up running into someone you know and like.  It's a fun place to grab breakfast and tea in the winter and even more fun to wander around outside in the summer. 

The one thing that makes me simultaneously roll my eyes and also love the market EVEN MORE (not unlike my mom using texting slang) is the way they try to be very technological but don't quite pull it off.  They have an email list and website which to their credit is actually updated pretty regularly.  However this gets overshadowed by every second vendor using Papyrus font in their signs, and the following little gem showing up in their latest email:


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ugly Bracelet Man Hand

I have been in the Calgary airport many times, and every time I mean to take a picture of something I never fail to be slightly weirded out by, but every time (UNTIL NOW) I have not had a good opportunity.

The thing I am talking about is the "napkin disposal" garbage can in the women's bathroom(s).

If you are a boy and have never been in a public women's bathroom, usually there are small metal garbage cans attached inside the stall for the disposal of sanitary products which should not be flushed down the toilet.  However the Calgary airport has a slightly different model and must have had some issues with people not knowing how to use it.

The receptacle in question:

It appears to be a white garbage can with confusing instructions for pressing the lid to open, then it will close automatically when you are done.  I didn't actually try it.  But anyway, normal enough, right?  Wrong.

That hand is decidedly a man hand.  I'm not trying to judge people on how they look or anything, but that hand, demonstrating how to use a receptacle for feminine products, does not look like it belongs to a female.  No offense if it actually does.  But furthermore, it seems as though they tried to make the man-hand more female by putting the UGLIEST BRACELET EVER on the wrist.  Seriously, every time I use the bathrooms in this airport I'm always like "oh, there's the old ugly-bracelet-man-hand again".  Every time.


You may notice that the ugly-bracelet-man-hand in the picture is using the garbage can WITH THE PICTURES OF IT USING THE GARBAGE CAN ALREADY ON IT!  It's taking demo pictures but the demo pictures already exist?  This is too trippy.  How did they DO that?  Time travel?  I don't think I can handle it.

Anyway next time you're in the Calgary airport (and you're a girl) remember to stop in and say hi to my old friend, Ugly Bracelet Man Hand.

Edit:  BAH!  ALSO!  I was just looking at this post and realized that the garbage can in the second picture is WAY smaller in relation to the hand size than it is in the third picture.  AHHHHHHHHHHH

A Tea Emergency

The first time I placed an online order for DavidsTea, I got a free sample of one of their fall teas called Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble:

It is AWESOOOOOME.  Like the best tea ever.  I love white tea and this honestly really does taste like strawberry rhubarb crumble.

The problem here is that it's a seasonal tea, which means after the season (fall, in this case) is over in the store, it is only available online until it goes out of stock.  And it's white tea, so it's pretty expensive (but worth it).  For whatever reason I did not order any in my second order I placed around Christmas but have been craving it ever since.  Finally, Brahm's mom placed an order and bought me a bag, which I had my first glorious cup of last Thursday between work travels.  THEN this morning (PS I am going to Montreal on Thursday):

Megan:  Is there a DavidsTea in Montreal?
Me:  Yeah I will probably go there and pick something up.
Megan:  Okay you should get more Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble.
Me:  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

As it turned out, while I've been out of town she drank 3/4 of the bag.

I couldn't be that mad though, since a) I never specifically said my sisters weren't allowed to drink my tea (they never have though so I didn't think I needed to worry) and b)  it is insanely delicious and if I found a bag of it that I had not been told not to drink, I'd probably do the same.

Luckily it is still available online so I made an emergency tea order this morning.

Monday, March 7, 2011

3 Weeks Later - Some Texts from My Mom

Okay SO it has been 3 weeks since I last posted, but I have a good excuse.  I have only had 3 full days off work since my last post and put in 165 hours of work, not counting travel time to northern SK and back, then Vancouver and back, then northern SK and back AGAIN.  I am exhausted.  I also drove out to Regina and back on one of those 3 days off to pick up Brahm from the airport because he missed a connecting flight between Montreal and Toronto... but that's another story.

Anyway I have lots of things to post now but today I am happy to bring you a new adventure of Texts From My Mom.  It details her search for some mitts I left in Humboldt, a hammer, bag clips, going for Thai food, and also her current quest to win the Toyota from Roll Up the Rim to Win.  Featuring guest texts she sent to my sisters.

Oh yeah.  Sadly she has learned about T9 and is no longer subbing in letters and numbers for full words.

Part I:  The Mystery of the Missing Mitts

Me:  Did I leave my black mitts at your house or in the van?  The last day I remember having them was when I came to Humboldt.  Can't find them.

Mom:  I dont know ill look sometime

Mom:  Rick mercer on bv eight thirty if you want to watch something and fifth estate after that but maybe youre going to bed soon

Mom:  Where did you get those bag clips the colored ones im twe sizes going to tim hortons rt away to roll up the rim won a donut and coffee alrea

Me:  I got them from Ikea but you can prob get them at Canadian Tire or Walmart or HomeSense or something.  They are common

Mom:  Were there lots in a bag

Me:  100, or maybe 50

Mom:  I'll check at can tire going now

(7 hours later)

Me:  Did you find them?

Mom:  Mitts not im the van where would they be im my house i havent looked im the house cause i thought they would be im the van

Me:  Near the front door somewhere in the entrance if they are there.  Don't know what happened to them :(

Mom:  ill look intently for them at home they have to be there if you dont have them at key oh s [edit:  she means Keos, a Thai restaurant in Saskatoon) downtown just got our food looks good me find mit

Me:  What did you get?  The pad thai is very good

Mom:  Should have checked with you first i have soup dad has ginger beef looks like a sad thai soup is good


Mom:  Found your mitts At home by the front door that restaurant is not owned by key oh s anymore the sign is just still up

Me:  Haha oh brother so everyone goes to this new place thinking it is Keos?  Is it at least good?

Mom:  It changed in dec it is good just had my soup leftover as weird stuff im it but took the weird stuff out i think it was mostly for flavor

Me:  Did you find those clips at Canadian Tire?

Mom:  Didnt really look did you see them there what section would they be im

Me:  I don't know I just thought they might have them in the kitchen section or something

Mom:  By the sandwich bags or where do you think

Part II:  The Hammer

Allyson:  I told mom I bought a coconut and asked if she could bring me a hammer.  Then she said she was going to Tim Hortons.  Then just sent me this:

Allyson:  Sad face didnt win anything found a hammer

Part III:  Sweet Victory

Megan:  From mother
             I just won another coffee fr roll up the rim that two coffee Ive won fr grammas tim hortons so thrilled Haha what section