Friday, June 1, 2012

Motion sickness! The worst!

Flying home from work this week was THE WORST.  Apparently we were under some cumulus clouds (said the pilots) which caused CONSTANT turbulence for 2.5 hours.  Which got worse with all the taking off and landing in La Ronge, Prince Albert, and then finally Saskatoon.

I did NOT throw up, which is sort of a victory, but also sort of a WTF because all I wanted to do was throw up and feel better instead of feeling sick the entire way home.  The best part of the flight was when I got out my barf bag and almost threw up because my stomach seemed to settle a bit. 

Thus, I have to say that the only thing worse than throwing up from motion sickness is ALMOST throwing up from motion sickness but never actually doing it.  Although I have never actually thrown up from motion sickness, so maybe I just have a special form of it that never makes me actually throw up but just makes me feel horrible.

Motion sickness sucks the most.  It makes roller coasters not fun and makes flying to work terrible in the summer (in the winter the flights are pretty smooth).  I was reading about it today and weirdly it's supposed to go away when you stop being a kid, not develop in your 20s :(  (This is similar to how people are supposed to get gout when they are 60 year old men, not 22 year old women - another story for another time.)  Motion sickness is caused by your inner ear feeling motion but your eyes not seeing the motion apparently, so maybe on the next flight I should try sitting by the window and looking out the entire time (SUPER BORING but at least I might not feel sick).

I wish there was a cure for motion sickness because it is just a stupid thing that makes you turn into a lameo who can't go on roller coasters.  WORST.  I am happy about Gravol's existence but also it is super disgusting and hopefully not detrimental to my health to use it every week.

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