Monday, June 11, 2012

Running Back to Central Vac

I bought a Dyson vacuum last year, for a number of reasons.  And it was awesome because it was so powerful and sucked up all the dirt.  But today I cheated on Dyson with Central Vac.

I don't know how it happened but lately when I've been using the Dyson, even though it is superior technology, I just sort of longed for the days of the light, non-bulky Central Vac that I didn't have to keep unplugging and plugging in each time I changed rooms.  Central Vac, with its easily removable heads to switch where you're vacuuming with ease instead of having to stop the whole operation and untangle a cord and change the whole configuration of the vacuum.  Central Vac - I missed you.

The Dyson is still awesome for many reasons, such as when something gets spilled on the floor and it's too fine to sweep, so you just plug in the Dyson and it's gone in 3 seconds.  And it DOES provide a superior clean to Central Vac.  However, it is bulky and isn't great for vacuuming places like under beds or stairs.  I should buy another attachment, yes.  But it doesn't have as long of a hose as Central Vac.  (And yes, I realize that was some gross innuendo when I'm already anthropomorphizing vacuum cleaners by acting like I'm in a relationship with them, but I don't mean it in a jokey innuendo way.  Central Vac has a very long hose and Dyson doesn't, what else can I say here??)

If we don't buy a house with Central Vac, I can live with a Dyson, and also most Central Vacs get stored in the basement which is so inconvenient.  But I think I'll always secretly pine for Central Vac.  I tried out a newer and more high-tech vacuum but I eventually went running back to Central Vac.

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