Thursday, June 28, 2012

What am I doing right now?

What am I doing right now?  I'm wearing my wedding shoes around my house as I go about my daily business to break them in and make sure they are comfortable enough to wear for a full day.

Because I only wear heels like, 4 times a year (you think I'm joking but I'm not - when I get pedicures they're like "wow, your feet are awesome!  You must never wear heels and wear socks all the time" and I'm like "yeah that's exactly right, I am not stylish at all"), I don't know how to walk in them.  This is sort of embarrassing and not "cute" like it is in movies where the girl is perfect in every way except for being sooooo adorably clumsy.  It is lame.  Also, clumsy accidents are not adorable, they are dangerous.  Movies are always like "OOPS I tripped and fell down the stairs and ripped my shirt to show some cleavage and also I have a flower stuck in my hair!  And my glasses fell off to show how beautiful I actually am!  But I'm not hurt!"  A couple weeks ago I fell down some stairs at work and broke the skin on my elbow through a long-sleeved t-shirt, a sweatshirt, AND a pair of thick coveralls.  Always wear your PPE, kids.  And use 3-point contact.

So because I legit don't want to twist my ankle on my wedding but I vainly do want to be a little bit taller since more than half the wedding party is over 6 feet, I am wearing heels BUT they are wedges.  If you are a boy and don't know what wedges are, they are like cheating heels which are way easier to walk in because there is no gap between the toe and heel.  That is a bad explanation, click the link.

But they are still a little bit hard to walk in, and I need to make sure the shoes aren't going to give me blisters or anything either.  So this is where we get to the part where I am walking around my house doing laundry in high heels.

I feel a little bit like a Stepford Wife doing chores in high heels, but also recognize that this is dangerous.  Carrying a basket of laundry into the basement while wearing heels and not being able to use 3-point contact is not safe.  I will probably take them off now.  They are comfortable enough.

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