Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The best summer drink

One of my favourite parts of summer is getting to flavour my water with fresh herbs like mint and lemon balm.  Last year my mom gave me some pineapple sage too which was really refreshing.  There are so many neat flavours of herbs out there and I love trying different ones each year.

To add a subtle flavour to water with herbs, just pick off a few leaves, wash them, roll them in your fingers to "bruise" them and release the oils (from the leaves, not your hands, that's gross), then add them to water.  I originally bought a mint plant a few years ago to make my own mint tea, but then realized that I liked it better in cold water.

I find that this lightly flavoured water with minty, fruity herbs is about the most refreshing thing out there, and I love having a large variety of herbs to choose from so I can create different combinations.  Last year I made Brahm one of these drinks and he said it tasted like grass :( :( :(  That was mean but I still love it.

This year so far I only have a lime mint (!!!) plant and a stevia plant.  I am not convinced the stevia adds any sweetness to drinks when added like mint, but I want to figure out what I can do with it.  I can't wait to hit up the Farmers' Market this weekend for some more steeping herbs though!  It's just not summer without flavoured water.

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