Friday, June 8, 2012

Garlic Update

You are probably like "when is she going to write about garlic again????  That was SO interesting!" well don't fret, you are going to hear all about the garlic today.

If you don't remember the garlic saga, here is a recap, or I will just tell you.  In January I decided to see if one could grow garlic indoors, and it instantly went crazy and started growing huge greens so I got really excited.  But then it got all wilty and stopped growing, so I thought maybe it was done, so I dug one up and it just had a bunch of roots but was just a little bulby guy.  Further research told me that it was possibly in its dormant period - I guess the way you are supposed to grow garlic is get the roots established and then leave it for a while (over winter preferably) and then it will come up again in the spring.

Once I figured out that my garlics were probably dormant, I cut the tops off and left them for a few months.  I didn't water them so I was a bit worried that maybe I killed them.  I put them outside about a month ago when it started to warm up and let the rain take care of them, and over the past few days THIS happened:

They are coming up again!  The one that I didn't dig up a couple months ago started sprouting earlier and it's hard to see the new sprout on the other one because it just poked up today, but they are coming back to life!  Garlic supposedly needs heat to actually get big and mature so hopefully this hot summer will make the Garlic Experiment (TM) a success.  If so this obviously means I am an expert garlicker and I will most definitely be attempting to make my household garlic-sustainable in the future!

The rest of my gardening stuff so far is not as exciting.  My tomatoes are not doing as well as last year but it's only the beginning of June so hopefully they still work.  I definitely won't have as many tomatoes as last year which is sort of sad, but it's my fault for using some old seeds and also using that stupid Jiffy Greenhouse, which totally rotted the seeds because the soil was so wet.  The learning process is part of the fun though I guess... but I will miss having a huge crop of delicious tomatoes like last year.

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