Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Changing Food Discovery

Do you guys know about Greek yogurt?  I think I first tasted it at a Greek and Italian restaurant in Norway (yeah... go to Norway for a university field class and the one time they arrange a special supper it is for authentic Greek and Italian food, hahaha) and then started reading about it on food blogs before it recently became all the rage and easily available from mainstream grocery stores.  It is awesome and honestly a life changing discovery.

Anyway if you don't know about Greek or strained yogurt, you can read a lot about it on Wikipedia but basically it is yogurt that has been strained to remove the whey (the watery part that sometimes you find floating on top of yogurt) so it is extra thick, basically a texture of high-fat sour cream.

BUT the Greek yogurt I have in my house, while having the same texture and taste as sour cream, is fat-free AND has tons more protein than sour cream (18 grams in 3/4 of a cup - that's like eating two whole eggs)!  I love sour cream but the consistency I prefer in it belongs to the full-fat kind which is pretty high in saturated fat and not especially high in protein.  But now, hello Greek yogurt!  I can eat as much fake sour cream as I want while not taking in ANY saturated and trans fats and also getting a ton of protein out of the deal too.  A snack of carrots and dip is suddenly about a million times more filling and healthy.

Also, in case you are thinking I am the healthiest eater ever, I have been using it as a chip dip hahaha.  But it's sooooo good.  And now only half bad for me.  AND also because there is so much protein in the dip I feel satisfied from way less chips and dip than usual.

So if you didn't know about Greek yogurt, now you do.  You also know that you should definitely switch from sour cream to Greek yogurt because it costs the same, looks the same, tastes the same, but is better for you.  It is a switch you can make with literally no downside.  Which is awesome.

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