Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ugly Bracelet Man Hand

I have been in the Calgary airport many times, and every time I mean to take a picture of something I never fail to be slightly weirded out by, but every time (UNTIL NOW) I have not had a good opportunity.

The thing I am talking about is the "napkin disposal" garbage can in the women's bathroom(s).

If you are a boy and have never been in a public women's bathroom, usually there are small metal garbage cans attached inside the stall for the disposal of sanitary products which should not be flushed down the toilet.  However the Calgary airport has a slightly different model and must have had some issues with people not knowing how to use it.

The receptacle in question:

It appears to be a white garbage can with confusing instructions for pressing the lid to open, then it will close automatically when you are done.  I didn't actually try it.  But anyway, normal enough, right?  Wrong.

That hand is decidedly a man hand.  I'm not trying to judge people on how they look or anything, but that hand, demonstrating how to use a receptacle for feminine products, does not look like it belongs to a female.  No offense if it actually does.  But furthermore, it seems as though they tried to make the man-hand more female by putting the UGLIEST BRACELET EVER on the wrist.  Seriously, every time I use the bathrooms in this airport I'm always like "oh, there's the old ugly-bracelet-man-hand again".  Every time.


You may notice that the ugly-bracelet-man-hand in the picture is using the garbage can WITH THE PICTURES OF IT USING THE GARBAGE CAN ALREADY ON IT!  It's taking demo pictures but the demo pictures already exist?  This is too trippy.  How did they DO that?  Time travel?  I don't think I can handle it.

Anyway next time you're in the Calgary airport (and you're a girl) remember to stop in and say hi to my old friend, Ugly Bracelet Man Hand.

Edit:  BAH!  ALSO!  I was just looking at this post and realized that the garbage can in the second picture is WAY smaller in relation to the hand size than it is in the third picture.  AHHHHHHHHHHH

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  1. I am commenting on your old posts because I had them starred in Google Reader and forgot about them.

    Okay, the WEIRDEST thing about this is that if you open the first picture to examine it full-size, you can actually see a total of SIX clearly visible hands, and if you use your imagination, it's clear (well, confusing) that someone took a lot of time to make an "infinite picture" effect. Like if we had David Caruso CSI technology we could zoom in indefinitely and keep seeing hands in pictures in hands in pictures... ahhhhh!