Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad Blogger - So 3 for the Price of 1

Okay so I am a pretty bad blogger.  Here is why.  Remember how I gave a teaser about some gardening and vegetable growing I was doing?  Well Part A of that was I was testing out growing alfalfa sprouts in a jar in my kitchen.  I got some seeds from the Farmers' Market and it worked AWESOME and I totally planned to take a series of pictures to show the progress over the course of the few days the sprouts grew... and here they are.

First I had to soak the seeds in water for a few hours and I was surprised that they started sprouting within an hour of going into the water!  I don't know if you can see how some of them are sprouting already.

This was my setup.  A jar with mesh and an elastic band.

After the first day.  You can definitely see some sprouting!

Aaand then every day after that I kept forgetting to document the process.  Then today I was like, I am going to eat these sprouts today!  But first I will take a picture!  Then I ate all the sprouts.  As I was popping the last couple of delicious and healthy homegrown sprouts into my mouth, I remembered that I had wanted to take a picture.

And that is why I'm a terrible blogger.  Sorry guys.  To make up for it I will post two more bonus posts, before I go back to work tomorrow and fall out of communication for a week.


Doesn't this pizza look delicious?  It does look really delicious.  This is what I believe is called a Margherita pizza, named after an Italian queen, because it is red (tomato), green (basil), and white (cheese) like the Italian flag.  It is actually my favourite kind of pizza and I have made it a few times now, but I recently went to Montreal and had an insanely delicious slice of it at Atwater Market that used bocconcini instead of regular mozzarella.  

Bocconcini is basically fresh mozzarella so it has a much milder taste but I like the texture of it and feel classy when I have it on a pizza.  So I decided to recreate this delicious pizza when I got home.  I bought bocconcini (expensive) and fresh basil and fresh garlic and fresh tomatoes.  I roasted the garlic, I drenched the crust in olive oil, I assembled the most beautiful pizza ever... and it had NO FLAVOUR.  The tomatoes and the basil were just terrible.  They had zero taste!  Thanks, Sobeys and Superstore.  I am giving up on this pizza now, until the summer when I grow my own tomatoes and own basil.  Too much disappointment.


Here are some pictures from Montreal last weekend.  Basically, cute animals and cute people.

We went to the Biodome where we saw BABY PENGUINS AND BABY PUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awww!  They are just babies.  Cute.

Also we walked up Mont Royal which is pretty close to Brahm's apartment!  Here we are looking at the city.

After this we went out for some authentic Quebec poutine, which was delicious.  I should also mention that the evening before we went out for some authentic Quebec Swiss Chalet type chicken at St. Hubert Express.  It was a very romantic date.

It was a very fun trip!  I am excited to go back in a couple months, hopefully when the puddles have subsided.

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  1. St Hubert can be our regular date spot in Quebec if you want ;)