Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I love going to the Farmers' Market in Saskatoon.  Everything being sold is awesome, the vendors are awesome, and you always end up running into someone you know and like.  It's a fun place to grab breakfast and tea in the winter and even more fun to wander around outside in the summer. 

The one thing that makes me simultaneously roll my eyes and also love the market EVEN MORE (not unlike my mom using texting slang) is the way they try to be very technological but don't quite pull it off.  They have an email list and website which to their credit is actually updated pretty regularly.  However this gets overshadowed by every second vendor using Papyrus font in their signs, and the following little gem showing up in their latest email:


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  1. The funniest part was that they didn't include a link to their Twitter page, and when I searched for them on Twitter I couldn't find them!