Monday, March 7, 2011

3 Weeks Later - Some Texts from My Mom

Okay SO it has been 3 weeks since I last posted, but I have a good excuse.  I have only had 3 full days off work since my last post and put in 165 hours of work, not counting travel time to northern SK and back, then Vancouver and back, then northern SK and back AGAIN.  I am exhausted.  I also drove out to Regina and back on one of those 3 days off to pick up Brahm from the airport because he missed a connecting flight between Montreal and Toronto... but that's another story.

Anyway I have lots of things to post now but today I am happy to bring you a new adventure of Texts From My Mom.  It details her search for some mitts I left in Humboldt, a hammer, bag clips, going for Thai food, and also her current quest to win the Toyota from Roll Up the Rim to Win.  Featuring guest texts she sent to my sisters.

Oh yeah.  Sadly she has learned about T9 and is no longer subbing in letters and numbers for full words.

Part I:  The Mystery of the Missing Mitts

Me:  Did I leave my black mitts at your house or in the van?  The last day I remember having them was when I came to Humboldt.  Can't find them.

Mom:  I dont know ill look sometime

Mom:  Rick mercer on bv eight thirty if you want to watch something and fifth estate after that but maybe youre going to bed soon

Mom:  Where did you get those bag clips the colored ones im twe sizes going to tim hortons rt away to roll up the rim won a donut and coffee alrea

Me:  I got them from Ikea but you can prob get them at Canadian Tire or Walmart or HomeSense or something.  They are common

Mom:  Were there lots in a bag

Me:  100, or maybe 50

Mom:  I'll check at can tire going now

(7 hours later)

Me:  Did you find them?

Mom:  Mitts not im the van where would they be im my house i havent looked im the house cause i thought they would be im the van

Me:  Near the front door somewhere in the entrance if they are there.  Don't know what happened to them :(

Mom:  ill look intently for them at home they have to be there if you dont have them at key oh s [edit:  she means Keos, a Thai restaurant in Saskatoon) downtown just got our food looks good me find mit

Me:  What did you get?  The pad thai is very good

Mom:  Should have checked with you first i have soup dad has ginger beef looks like a sad thai soup is good


Mom:  Found your mitts At home by the front door that restaurant is not owned by key oh s anymore the sign is just still up

Me:  Haha oh brother so everyone goes to this new place thinking it is Keos?  Is it at least good?

Mom:  It changed in dec it is good just had my soup leftover as weird stuff im it but took the weird stuff out i think it was mostly for flavor

Me:  Did you find those clips at Canadian Tire?

Mom:  Didnt really look did you see them there what section would they be im

Me:  I don't know I just thought they might have them in the kitchen section or something

Mom:  By the sandwich bags or where do you think

Part II:  The Hammer

Allyson:  I told mom I bought a coconut and asked if she could bring me a hammer.  Then she said she was going to Tim Hortons.  Then just sent me this:

Allyson:  Sad face didnt win anything found a hammer

Part III:  Sweet Victory

Megan:  From mother
             I just won another coffee fr roll up the rim that two coffee Ive won fr grammas tim hortons so thrilled Haha what section

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