Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Delicious Cheese Samples

You guys!  Today I discovered something amazing.  I was at Sobeys for the second time today by accident because I locked myself out of my house as I was getting dropped off at home after coffee with some peeps, so I phoned my sisters and they were at Sobeys so I got dropped off at Sobeys instead, but ANYWAY I was at Sobeys and my sisters were buying deli meat and I was looking at all the gourmet cheese because I LOVE cheese.

BTW.  I love cheese so much that I am not sure if I would give up meat or cheese if I had to choose.  I love meat but I also love cheese and honestly, I'm not sure which it would be.

So okay, I was in the cheese section and suddenly I spotted a plate of cheese cubes with toothpicks in them with a small sign that said "Maple Cheddar."  The plate was just sitting there on a stack of other cheeses, not very prominent and basically hidden unless someone was looking through the cheese section specifically for maple cheddar samples.

Have I stumbled upon something awesome?  Maybe EVERY SINGLE TIME I've gone to Sobeys there has been a plate of delicious cheese samples in the gourmet cheese section and I've just never noticed because they make it so hard to find.  Maybe the delicious cheese samples are only for the true cheese fans:  if you spend enough time looking at all the cheese you'll eventually find the delicious cheese samples.

I'll keep you updated.

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