Saturday, July 31, 2010


A girl I am currently working and traveling with introduced me to something super awesome - DavidsTea.

It's a relatively new chain of tea stores that make super amazing loose leaf tea.  I'm drinking a cup of their maple rooibis as I type this - so amazingly delicious.

I love tea, a lot.  I think the differences between all the varieties of tea are pretty interesting as well.  This summer I've been growing peppermint, chocolate mint, and lemon balm so I can make my own super fresh herbal teas.  Some of my favourite bagged teas are Celestial Seasonings Chai (black or white, but I think I prefer the black because it's a bit stronger and also, this brand beats all other chais because it is more spice and less black tea flavour), Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane (decaf peppermint green, only available at Christmas), Twinings Pomegranate black, and Tim Hortons green tea.  I've wanted to get more into loose leaf teas but they are so much more expensive and less accessible and I am kind of lazy and hate washing the metal infuser because it's too hot to touch when I take it out of the cup and then I end up forgetting about it until bits of tea have dried into it.

DavidsTea might change that though.  Loose leaf teas that come pre-packaged so I don't have to ask an attendant for ____ grams of every variety I want to get, being able to sample smell the tea before buying, AND they sell disposable tea filters (like tea bags you fill on your own)!  Maybe you can buy the disposable filters at Walmart or something too but I've never seen them anywhere.

The bad news is that DavidsTea doesn't have a location in Saskatoon, but it DOES have a location in Regina and the entire chain has only existed for about 2 years.  So here's hoping for a Saskatoon store in the near future!  Until then, I'll be road tripping to Regina and/or shopping online.

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