Friday, July 16, 2010

Bounce Dryer Bar - Saving you seconds since 2010

Sometimes when a stupid TV commercial comes on (or I see a stupid print ad or company name, for that matter - really, anything ridiculous related to marketing or branding) I like to imagine in my mind the "board room" meeting where all the advertising executives came up with the concept.  Right now the imaginary meeting that comes to mind is one of Wired 96.3, Saskatoon's Douchebaggiest Radio Station (TM).  When my sisters drive my car they always switch the station to it and I get in and hear a DJ with a FAKE FAKE FAKE Australian accent.

"Okay guys, we're about to launch this new radio station and we want to appeal to youth.  Like, we want to be really cool.  What can we do to be cool?"

"Uhhhhh well as DJs we could have interviews with ourselves on the website answering questions with REALLY FUNNY answers"

"OMG that's gold.  DO IT.  What else?"

"Uhhhh I can pretend to be Australian?"

"O.  M.  G.  Chicks LOVE Australians!!!!  We're doing this.  We are sooooo doing this."

"We could also sponsor events at The Pat"

"The Pat!  Youth love The Pat.  PARTYYYYYYY GET DRUUUUNK  but seriously, the Australian accent idea!  We're going to put all the other stations in town out of business!"

Wired 96.3, honestly, you are the douchiest radio station I've ever heard.  I am pretty sure that's how the meeting went down.  Also, I'm sorry if you don't have Facebook and can't view that link.  The Pat doesn't seem to have a website and the best thing I could find to show its awesomeness was the Facebook group with 23 members.

BUT ANYWAY that has nothing to do with what I actually want to talk about, which is the new Bounce Dryer Bar.  The Bounce Dryer Bar is this stick of fabric softener that you stick to the side of your dryer instead of putting in sheets every time you do laundry, and it apparently lasts about 2 months.

The ad campaign for the BDB isn't less waste (throwing out sheets all the time) or freeing up more cupboard space by not having to keep an extra box around - and don't get ahead of yourself, I agree that really, both of those reasons for using the BDB are reaching already.  What is the ad campaign focused on?  FREEING UP MORE TIME.

The current commercial opens up with a mom introducing herself and telling viewers that she has kids and a husband and is a really busy mom.  The Bounce Dryer Bar can just be put in the dryer and forgotten about for a couple of months, rather than her having to spend all that extra time putting a dryer sheet into the laundry every time.  Seriously, the angle they're going for is that the BDB saves you time.

I'm not sure how anyone could actually accept that as a valid reason, unless for whatever reason people fold their dryer sheets into origami cranes or something before putting them into the dryer.  Really, Bounce?  Saving time is the best you could come up with?  I honestly can't even imagine that board meeting... nope, nothing.  It's like everyone skipped out and the only person who showed up didn't really want to do it so they just wrote the first thing that came to mind and somehow, someone approved it and hired actors and PEOPLE GOT PAID and it became a full-blown campaign.

As North Americans, have we really accepted our laziness to the point where saving five seconds a day is the number one selling point for a product from a major brand?  Don't answer that.

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