Monday, April 23, 2012


Whoever thought I'd have an opportunity to use the "swatches" tag for another post?  Not me.

Anyway, it seems that my "laid back bride" attitude has maybe started causing the exact trouble I hoped to avoid.  I told my bridesmaids to pick their own dress as long as it was yellow.  Seems fine right?  Except then after at least two bridesmaids picked dresses that turned out to be the exact same colour, and then one other bridesmaid picked a peachy-yellow colour, which I thought didn't matter.

But then my mom, who has a good knack for pointing out some of the things that I think don't matter that actually probably should matter, like not having hideously clashing bridesmaids that look like they're trying not to match, told me I should probably take a swatch into the store to make sure the yellows were the same hue.  Crap.  I didn't want it to come to swatches.

But that's exactly what I had to do today - take swatches into The Dress and Moore's to make sure dresses and suits aren't going to clash hideously.  The guy at Moore's totally remembered me too - he was probably like "aha!  So you ARE a controlling bride after all."  But screw that controlling bride business; it shouldn't be too much to ask that if you've determined your wedding party is all going to wear the same colour, they should look good together.  That's not controlling, that's "not being lazy."

Now I sort of feel like a jerk though, because "any yellow" has turned into "bright, pure yellow" and my maid of honour is going to have to keep looking for a different dress.  Luckily she is awesome and the best and flexible, but I still feel bad making "dress criteria" changes less than 4 months before the wedding.

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