Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to open a banana

The other day my boss was complaining that he was having trouble opening some of the bananas at work lately.

"Just open them from the bottom," I suggested.

"What are you talking about?"

"Trust me.  Pinch the bottom of the banana instead of trying to snap off the stem.  It will pop open magically and you won't end up with a squished end from trying to pry it open!  It will blow your mind."

It totally blew his mind.  And when I heard about this crazy talk a few years ago, via a YouTube video much like the one below, my mind was also blown.

Apparently this is how monkeys open bananas, so it's the natural way to do it.  None of this silly Western "we open bananas from the STEMS, thank you very much" way of making simple tasks more difficult so they appear refined!

If you aren't already on the bottom-opening banana bandwagon, try it once.  You'll never go back to the old way, because the old way is totally stupid when you think about it.

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