Sunday, April 8, 2012

I love Brahm

Whaaaaaaaat my blog is back in business!  Thanks to BRAHM for solving the problem - I don't know how he figured it out but he somehow realized that a couple of the recent images I posted on recent blogs were GIANT .png files that were making my feed too big to load in Google Reader.  So I replaced the offending images with .jpg files and suddenly my blog appeared back in Google Reader!  Hooray!!!

So the moral of the story is never to just copy and paste pictures from websites into your Blogger editor - always upload the files so you know what size you're posting.

Now THAT is true love - a partner who will help you fix your broken blog!  That is the kind of person you should marry.

PS - if you're a Google Reader subscriber you'll see a bunch of old posts showing up out of order as I fixed the images.  If you want to know the real dates on them I think you'll have to come to the blog in real life and look at the dates, but they don't matter too much. 

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