Monday, April 9, 2012

Facebook users beware of the most embarrassing app

If you're a Facebook user, you may have noticed some of your friends reading articles and posting them to their feed recently in a post that usually looks like this:

"Joe Blow read an article:

Snooki poses in a bikini for her new book cover
Teen Mom has new boyfriend
The Duggards have another baby
The Situation and Snooki are getting married, Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8 is going to be the minister at their ceremony and all of the Teen Moms and cast of The Hills are going to be the bridesmaids

Posted by Social Reader"

You know, really embarrassing celebrity gossip articles.

I started thinking this was a bit weird a while ago because usually the people who were having these articles posted to their Facebook feeds were not the type of people who would admit to reading these articles, let alone share them on Facebook.  Like seriously, I have been known to click on the odd article about the cast of Jersey Shore BUT I would never share it on Facebook as if it's the greatest thing I've read in a while.  However I didn't quite know how best to bring it up without sounding like I was rudely judging my friends for their love of reality star gossip, which they obviously loved enough to shamelessly plug in their Facebook feeds.

HOWEVER, the other day my friend Dani posted the Snooki's bikini article for the second time in a couple of months.  If you know Dani, she's not really the type who would post about Snooki's bikini even once, but twice?  So I texted her:

Me:  Okay I have to know - are you actually reading all these articles about Snooki wearing a bikini and sharing them on FB or is it automatically posting them somehow?
Dani:  I have never read anything like that.  I'm confused???
Me:  It has said on FB a few times that you read an article about Snooki posing in a bikini for her book cover.  It does this with a few of the people I know who don't seem like the type to be like "hey guys check out this sweet article about Snooki!"
Me:  Maybe time to change your password?  Has it ever said I read anything like that?
Dani:  I guess I'll change it today.  No, you are safe from Snooki's bikini.

So EVERYONE:  if you notice people in your Facebook news feed are reading out of character articles like this, maybe ask them if they know they're using this "Social Reader" app that appears to be doing the posting.  Because chances are, they aren't.

How embarrassing is this app?  You don't know it's posting this stuff to your feed, and meanwhile all your friends start thinking you are a giant Jersey Shore/Teen Mom fan.  Well done, Social Reader app, well done - but I'm on to you.

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