Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An open letter to Kijiji sellers

Dear Kijiji sellers,

I would like to know what you are actually selling.  For example, provide some information on what you are selling such as the brand and model of your item.  That is not too much to ask.  I'd also like to know how long you had it, what condition it's in, where you bought it (and for how much), and why you are selling it.

However, I understand maybe you just want to keep your ad short and simple, and interested parties could find that information out by contacting you.

BUT if you are not going to provide a telephone number, thus requiring only email communications, please actually answer the questions the potential buyer asks.

For example, if I say "what was the purchase price?" don't say "I bought it in the US."  That does not mean the same thing.  Also, if I say "could I come by on Friday sometime to purchase this item?" don't ignore that question.

And most importantly, when I ask a question to verify that the item is in fact the exact item I'm looking for, don't be like "actually I have a small correction.  It is a different item."  THAT IS NOT A SMALL CORRECTION, KIJIJI SELLER.  I am not going to give you 400 bucks for something that isn't what you say it is!

Finally, follow some Kijiji etiquette and remove your ad if you've sold the item, don't just ignore all the emails people send you.  That's annoying.

It's not that difficult, Kijiji sellers.  Try a little harder please.



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  1. Excellent points. Too many people suck at Kijiji and need a good smack from people like you who have good...what should we call it...Kijiji hygiene.