Friday, January 28, 2011

Saskatoon Groupon

I was excited to find out that Groupon has finally come to Saskatoon!  I'm not sure how long it's been around for here but I've been subscribing for a couple weeks and have picked up a couple of awesome deals for restaurants which I unfortunately can't use yet since my chewing is still limited.

If you don't know about Groupon, basically this website partners with local businesses to sell coupons for substantial deals on their merchandise (usually a gift certificate for 50% of the actual amount of the merch - so you pay $30 for $60, for example) BUT the daily deal only goes through if enough people "buy in" - hence, the "group" in Groupon.  Usually the target number of people buy in within an hour of the posting going up.

If you live in Saskatoon (or any city that has Groupon) I would recommend subscribing!  Some days the deals are for crappy things like laser hair removal but there have also been lots for decent things too (like Saskatoon Symphony tickets, Marca spa treatments, gym memberships, and tons of restaurant deals) and some days there is potential for ridiculous savings.  Yeah, it might make you end up wanting to buy more things than you would without it but I've only bought Groupons for places I was planning on going to anyway so it just works out nicely for me.

If you DO subscribe to Saskatoon Groupon, you should use this link to do it - yes, I am shameless - because I'll get $10 for referring you if/when you buy your first one.  But then YOU can do it too and get $10 for referring your friends.  So everyone wins right?

BTW today's deal is for half-off gift certificates of $60 or $30 at Tusq, the dueling piano restaurant which I've heard has excellent food and have wanted to go to for a long time!  Most dinner entrees are around the $30 mark so it's basically two entrees for the price of one.

Saving money and supporting local businesses - sounds good to me.

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