Monday, January 24, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Part II

Okay so my wisdom teeth are no longer in my mouth.  And here is the story of how they came out, how I reacted, and some of the funny and not so funny things that happened along the way.

Chapter 1:  The Extraction

My appointment was supposed to be at 1:45 PM on Friday, January 21, and I wasn't allowed to eat or drink for 8 hours before the appointment, which meant I was going to have to get up before 5:45 AM that day to have breakfast.  Then I got a call on the 20th asking if my appointment could be changed to 3 PM, which I agreed to, which meant that I didn't have to get up as early to eat breakfast BUT this also meant that I had more hours in the day to sit around being super hungry and thirsty and freaking out about getting an IV stuck in my arm and people cutting things out of my mouth.

Needless to say I was freaking out and crying by the time I got to my appointment.  The nurse saw that I was terrified and had the doctor come in and explain all of the "risks" and stuff to me instead of making me watch the "So you're getting your wisdom teeth out!" video that they show to most people.  I nodded and cried as he explained dry sockets and infections to me.

Next, they laid me back in the dentist chair and started giving me some laughing gas to calm me down.  I was sort of freaking out and crying and trying to breathe in the gas but it didn't seem to be doing anything.  I remember the doctor and nurses asking me what I do for a living, them putting the IV in and telling me I was doing a great job, me saying "My arm hurts!" and then telling them I do a lot of data analysis at work.

And then I woke up.  I didn't remember a thing!  The nurse led me to a different room where I sat in a chair for a while and my mom came in.

Chapter 2:  High as a Kite

The thing about laughing gas is that it is pretty fun.  I had been given painkillers in with my IV sedation so I didn't feel any pain for the next several hours after the surgery, and the effects of the laughing gas lasted about one blissful hour afterwards, during which I proceeded to drunk dial/text almost everyone I knew.  Examples:

To Yasmine: 
Hahahahahahaha I am so dugfed up hahah I can't srop laughing hahAha
I can't feel my face like mu lips anre nimbv

To Jamie:
Hahahahahaha ican t sotp laughing hahahahaha
Ir is so funny$
I lelft brahm some voicemails i am so drugged

To Danielle:
Haha I am pretty dugged up hahaha I am not laughing as much anymore but I couldn't stop laughing hahahaha
I can't felmy lips thoiugh

To David:
Myt wuuisdom teeth are out woo I am so drgged

The best, however, were the voicemails and calls I made, which apparently consisted of me telling people that I got my wisdom teeth out and then bursting out laughing every 10 seconds.  My dad called me the next day to thank me for calling him because it totally made his day and was something he would never forget.  My sister Megan who walked me to the car afterward said "I felt a little like I had lost my older sister."

Chapter 3:  The Pain and Side Effects

You may remember this picture from an older post about what my face looks like on dehydration

Left - dehydrated, right - normal face shape.  So I have some experience with my face being puffier than normal... but I think wisdom teeth puffy trumps dehydration puffy.

The next picture I am going to post is possibly NSFW on account of it being slightly too sexy for most people to handle.  I took it on my phone and sent it to a bunch of my friends yesterday (the most swollen day):

After sending this one to Brahm, he sent me this picture, saying that we were twins:

Thanks sweetie

I took maybe a slightly nicer one later in the evening with a bit better lighting, after Brahm had changed his mind about who I looked like and started calling me a Lego person:

I guess I see the resemblance?  Why is this sailor not wearing pants INAPPROPRIATE

Anyway, aside from the obvious physical effects the pain hasn't been too terrible and I don't seem to have developed the dreaded dry sockets, which is awesome.  As long as I keep on with the Advil, Tylenol, and occasional morphine tablet I seem to be doing okay except I am super sleepy.  I've been sleeping at least 12 hours a night AND napping for a few hours in the afternoons as well which is sort of crazy.  Normally I like to get up pretty early.

Apparently yesterday was supposed to be my most swollen day and the pain should be easing up from now on.  I've been using slightly less painkillers today and experiencing about the same amount of pain as yesterday so I'm hopeful that I'll keep improving tomorrow too.

Chapter 4:  Food

OH MAN the thing I am most excited about for this to be over, even more than not having pain in my mouth, is being able to eat solid food again.  I am getting a little sick of my diet of mashed potatoes, applesauce, prune juice, yogurt, chicken broth, peanut butter, milk, ice cream, and bananas.  I'd definitely rather be making some fancy cream soups but under this constant medicated state a) I don't think I should be driving anywhere including the grocery store and b) I don't have enough energy to cook anything more involved than putting it in the microwave.


Overall I am glad that this ordeal is over with, and I hope the healing process doesn't take too much longer.  It definitely wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be (as always).  One sucky thing is that this week is the last week Brahm is in Saskatoon before he moves to Montreal for a year and it would be nice to be able to spend time with him that doesn't consist of him watching me fall asleep on my couch and then leaving.  I think my energy levels are a bit better today so hopefully I am back to my old self soon.

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