Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mysterious TV Review: Men With Brooms

I used to curl a lot but don't anymore.  I eventually will again I think.  But anyway that's beside the point.

When I was a curler the movie Men with Brooms came out,  but for whatever reason I never saw it.  I was excited about it but then heard that it wasn't very good, so when I heard that a TV series spinoff of the movie was airing on CBC I didn't give it much thought.

Then one night in my dorm room up north I was flipping through the channels and decided to give it a try, and surprisingly I liked it.  It reminded me a lot of Corner Gas - simple, relatively clean Canadian comedy set in a small town.  The acting isn't always perfect (if I had one complaint it's that some of the actors' timing is slightly off sometimes) but I think it's hilarious.  Most episodes had me laughing out loud at least once or twice.  The characters are likable, and similar to Corner Gas it reinforces that a show doesn't have to be full of sexual innuendo to be funny.

I feel like I have pretty decent taste in TV.  I have some guilty pleasures for sure but I can't think of a show that I legitimately believe is quality television that isn't relatively critically acclaimed.  So it totally boggled my mind when I searched for reviews of Men with Brooms and couldn't find a single positive article about it.  All across the board, everyone who took the time to post a review of the show on the internet absolutely HATED it with a passion, calling it "mind-numbing" and "dumbed-down" and someone actually suggested that it needed a laugh track????  (Okay so that last comment makes me think that maybe the people doing the reviewing weren't the most intelligent beings themselves...)

I just can't believe that a show I so thoroughly enjoyed (and I watched the entire season) is so generally hated.  Is there something wrong with my sense of humour?  I thought I only liked actually funny shows.  Come on people, I have an engineering physics degree and I don't even find humour in The Big Bang Theory, that's how much of a TV comedy snob I am.  Yet why do I think this show is so freaking hilarious and everyone else thinks it's the dumbest thing to ever grace the CBC?

Will someone please watch this show (more than one episode) and tell me if I'm going crazy or what???

Also - consider this the first positive review of Men with Brooms (the series) on the internet.  IT IS A GOOD SHOW YOU GUYS!  This show is great.  It has glow curling.  Come on!  Glow curling!  How is that not funny.  If you found this review randomly and don't actually know me, I promise I am a funny person who likes funny shows and I fully endorse Men with Brooms and you will like it.  Unless you are stupid?

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