Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meat vs. Cheese

So my dumb teeth are still sort of being jerks and hurting and making me too scared to eat totally solid food again.  But progress is being made.  I wouldn't eat a steak or a burger but yesterday I ate that turkey burger patty I was talking about the other day.  Today I'm making a vegetarian chili with lentils, beans, and chickpeas which I am confident will be no trouble.

Here's the crazy thing - other than that burger patty and a couple bites of shredded up lamb, I haven't eaten any meat for a whole week now, and I don't really care that much!  I thought eating the burger yesterday would sort of be like "ahhhhh meat, we meet again" (ha funny right) but I was more craving green vegetables.  I probably should have put in a bigger effort this week to somehow incorporate greens into my diet.  I'm probably deficient in those nutrients by now.  Oops.

But anyway, I guess this week finally answered a question for me that I've always wondered - if I had to give up either meat or cheese, what choice would I make?  There is no denying that I love meat and I think I can safely set in stone that I will never go vegetarian HOWEVER, my cravings this week were for cheese.  It will be awesome to make a delicious roast or just get a $1.39 McDouble when I can chew again, but for whatever reason my body seems to like cheese better than meat.  Maybe it's the way I structured my diet this week - but I doubt it because I was definitely getting more than enough dairy to try to compensate for the protein lost from not eating any meat. 

Weird!  I might never know the reason but at least now I know the answer to one of life's most important questions.

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  1. I still don't know the answer to that question!!