Monday, January 3, 2011


I should come back here ooops.  The thing is, I was having such a nice Christmas break with absolutely no responsibilities other than spending time with people I like.  So I sort of just left this a lot because there were many days where I didn't even turn on my computer, and it was awesome.  Does that mean I am turning into more of a grownup because I don't really care about the internet?  Like I do care but I am happy to live without it too.

A few things I did over my break were:  eat, watch TV, read, cook, and socialize.  I can't believe at one point I was thinking about working over Christmas instead of taking holidays.  I can't believe I was planning on working next Christmas either so I'm hoping when I go back to work tomorrow I can book Christmas 2011 off too because the entire time I was home I kept thinking about how sad I would have been if I was at work instead of home.  Being home for Christmas is too important and that's what I realized this year.

Also:  I need to stop drinking coffee.  I don't do it very often but every once in a while I think "I would enjoy a coffee" but then it makes me feel so sick and shaky and I regret it so much.  I get a serious coffee hangover immediately after drinking it and it lasts for hours.  No more coffee!  If you are ever with me and I am about to buy a coffee please remember to stop me.  New year's resolution that should be very easy to keep:  no more coffee.

I hope 2011 will be a fun year.  It looks like it will have some vacations and neat work opportunities but also some tough things too, so it will definitely be a very different year than what I'm used to.  I have a feeling it will fly by.

Let's end with some Christmas texts from my mom, talking about some sweaters she bought me:

Mom:  R u keeping both sweaters did u try them on
Me:  Yes they both fit
Mom:  Good they r both nice is the color nice 4 u 4 both
Me:  Yes

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