Saturday, January 15, 2011

Texts From My Mom v. V

The thing about Texts From My Mom is that the point is NOT to make fun of my mom.  The letters and numbers and terrible grammar are indeed hilarious, but more than something to poke fun at I just find them to be so cute and endearing.  In some way it is like the writing of a child, yet coming from a 53 year old.

Some recent conversations, first starting off with some questions about a package of Read My Lips from DavidsTea that I got my dad for Christmas:

Me:  Did Dad try that tea I got him yet?
Mom:  I dont know i think ill take it out of the cupboard so he is reminded
Mom:  Going 2 steep some choc tea tonite have u had it b4
Me:  Yes it is good.  It has caffeine just so you know
Mom:  It smells delicious in the bag is it stormy there
Me:  Not really but it is snowing
Mom:  (next morning)  Such yummy tea oh my we made some this am dad says u need 2 inhale it as u drink steeped it 4 6 min
Me:  Yeah that is how long you are supposed to.  It is one of their top 3 most popular
Mom:  Mighty good

Movie recommendations:

Mom:  Have u seen the social network
Me:  No but I hear it is good
Mom:  Yes u should by it
Me:  Have you seen it?
Mom:  No but look at reviews online
Me:  I'm not going to buy it.  Maybe we will rent it on Max [our digital cable].  It doesn't sound like something I would watch over and over
Mom:  Ya do the max thing

And finally, I was going to go to Humboldt today to "set up" (plug in) the laptop we got for our parents for Christmas (they are having some trouble adjusting to the change of a new computer and need hand holding to turn it on for the first time) but the roads have been bad so I decided not to.  Allyson told my mom about this last night:

Mom: (10:42 PM)  U dont want 2 hook up my laptop tomorrow anymore how come thats
Mom:  (7:37 AM next day)  Its ok if u dont want 2 hook up my laptop just dont want 2 leave it too long but next u come home is good might b warmer
Mom:  R u going 2 check sewing machines with gramma just in case the other 1 duznt show up ill look now
(There is a sewing machine that supposedly belongs to me in my parents' basement, but no one can find it and I want one so I might have to buy a new one)
Me:  Well I am going to Sears with Gramma to buy a vacuum and I heard there have been lots of car accidents lately so I don't really want to be on the highway.  You do know that Allyson can do it too, it literally just needs to be plugged in
Mom:  Yeah megan can2 i need orientation tho haha did u take the keyboard back
Me:  Yes I did.  Dad can use it too and edit his pictures on there
Mom:  Ok need more orientation maybe i should learn how 2 use the camera and i could download pictures and edit them

Hahaha love it.

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  1. Oh yeah, she has started saying "duz" instead of "does" now. bahahahaha