Thursday, January 13, 2011

All Bran Audit

Last night, after noticing that my cupboards seemed to house an unusually high number of All-Bran bars (about 3 boxes, I thought), I decided to take an inventory of bran-based snack bars.

Exhibit A:  The front doors of my kitchen pantry.  (Obviously needs some organizing; is messy.)  Can you spot the All-Bran bars?

I count 5 boxes so far... let's take a closer look.

Bottom shelf:  2 boxes and a lone bar.

Middle shelf: just two opened boxes... or so it seems...

Oh, hey All-Bran bar, I almost didn't see you hiding in a President's Choice granola bar box.

Next, let's check out the side door of the pantry:

Two more!  Are these things breeding or what?

And now, have a look at the shelves BEHIND the middle pantry doors, where we usually keep canned goods and pasta and stuff:

3 unopened boxes!  Who eats this many All-Bran bars?  They don't even taste good.

Finally, I walked over to the other side of our apartment where we fill the cupboards with mugs and tea and coffee and found:

AHHHHHH!  5 unopened boxes of FibrePlus bars.

Have you been keeping track?  Let's add these babies up.

At 5 bars/box:

5x5 Fibre Plus
+3x5 All-Bran in the back shelves
+2 All-Brans in the side shelf
+1 All-Bran in the granola bar box
+1 All-Bran on the bottom shelf
+2x5 more unopened All-Bran boxes
+10 All-Brans in the open boxes

= 25+15+4+10+10
= 64 fibre bars in our house in total, not counting ones that are probably at the bottom of people's gym bags and backpacks

My house is so weird.

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  1. I guess you could say that finding bran in your is house...

    *puts on sunglasses*

    ... is a pretty REGULAR occurrence!