Thursday, February 10, 2011

Phone Plan Switch

I am extremely proud of myself right now.  I just figured out how to switch my cell phone plan for my Blackberry on SaskTel to get the same features I already have PLUS unlimited North American long distance calling for only $2 more than I have currently been paying!

If you don't use SaskTel you probably won't care about this post but if you ARE on SaskTel, take note of these tips because sometimes they hide these service plans and don't tell you about them so you end up paying way more for your phone plan!

What plans I was subscribing to before today:

Unlimited Talk (300 daytime minutes) - $20/month
Blackberry Unlimited Internet and Email and IM with Features - $40/month
Long Distance Cellular Add-On (300 minutes) - $10/month

For such a long time I figured that this was the best deal for my money, because it gave me enough daytime minutes (who makes calls during weekdays anyway), unlimited weekends and evenings, unlimited texting, voicemail, call display, and unlimited data.  I recently added on the long distance package since I don't work in Saskatoon and Brahm moved to Montreal, although only 5 hours of long distance in a month is somewhat limiting and expensive if you go over.

A while ago my friend Derrick told me that he was on the data plan that gave him a GB of data for $25/month.  I looked at it, and also saw that there was a 250 MB plan for $15/month, but for whatever reason couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I was only using about 20 MB/month and if I did happen to go over it would only cost $0.03/MB.  Plus, my data plan came with features like texting and voicemail so I just figured that $40 was the cheapest way to get all that.

Then today I did a bit more digging and realized that I could get everything I already have, plus way more, for only $2/month more.  SaskTel users - if you are paying something similar to me for a similar combo of plans ($70/month before fees), take note!

I switched to:

Unlimited Talk North America (300 daytime minutes) - $40/month - this gives me unlimited weekend and evening long distance calling if I am in Saskatchewan and 300 minutes of long distance if I am a) anywhere in North America that is not Saskatchewan or b) calling during the day.  And like I said, I rarely, if ever, use my daytime minutes.
Blackberry 250MB Service Plan - $15/month (go to the Pricing Options tab) - I will NEVER go over 250 MB at the rate I use data but even if I do, as long as I'm in Canada it's only an extra 3 cents/MB!
Wireless Feature Pack -  $17/month (bottom of the page) for unlimited texting, voicemail, and call display (and unfortunately voice to text, must figure out how to disable that one)

There you have it - a grand total of $72/month (before fees) for everything I had before, plus unlimited long distance!  No worries about going over my minutes and the freedom to call wherever I want for only $2 more per month!

I am the smartest consumer!

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