Monday, December 20, 2010

Texts From My Mom v. IV

My parents were coming into the city for a show and we were planning to go out for supper first.

Mom:  B at your house about 530 eat downtown gibsons or where do u want 2 go
Me:  Umm I don't know I feel sort of gross today so don't really want anything fried
Mom:  Tim hortons 4 soup or we dont need 2 go out
Mom:  2nd ave gri 4 soup food court at midtown 4 salad or soup
Mom:  Saigon rose maybe cause its close

And, the saga of me wanting a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas:

Me:  Broke my mixer making whipped shortbread.  It was $7 from Canadian Tire
Mom:  Yum ill get one 4 u today
Me:  I wish I had a stand mixer but we don't really have room.
Mom:  U dont need a kitchen aid one ill let u try mine never used the stand
Me:  Kitchenaid classic mixers on sale at Sears for $200
Mom:  Saw them yesterday they weigh a ton
Mom:  I think it made of cement haha
Me:  Kitchenaid mixers at walmart for $180, they seem like a smaller size
Mom:  I can check it out watching a christmas movie on w channel

For more hilarity from OTHER people's texting parents, check out this site which might be the best thing on the internet:

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