Monday, December 6, 2010

Eggs for $1

I have mentioned before that I grew up in Humboldt.  It is a pretty small "city" (officially it's a city but to me it is definitely a small town) of around 5 or 6000 people.  I had some fun times there growing up but some pretty hard times too - when you live in a small town and you go through a tough time as most teenagers do where you don't really have any close friends/people are bullying you, it's not as if you can just pick up and switch high schools.  And sometimes it's nice to know everyone, but mostly for me it really sucked knowing everyone - when you know everyone the possibility isn't really there to always be meeting new people and making new friends.  Once you know everyone, you're sort of done.  Someone new might move to town every once in a while but it's definitely not the same as living in a city where every time you start a new job or class or club, it's a completely new experience right down to the people you share it with.

The next points don't really fit in anywhere in this "small towns suck" rant, but I'm done with that for now.  Because my parents still live in town I get to hear all the happenings of Humboldt and to be honest they are often pretty endearing... but in the way where I think awww that's cute but I'm still glad I got out of there.

I have maintained for a while that the point for me that completely sums up why I am not really into Humboldt is the fact that everyone from there seems to think that Original Joe's is the absolute BEST restaurant in Saskatoon.  Like I'm not joking.  If you're not from Saskatoon or somewhere that has one, Original Joe's is a pretty mediocre chain restaurant not too much unlike Montana's except you have to be 19 to get in.  I went a couple years ago because everyone from Humboldt kept telling me how AMAZING the food was and that every time they knew someone who was going to "the city" they would make them bring them back food from Original Joe's.  I'm not kidding.  I thought the food was okay but not good enough to drag me back, and this was even before I was into food and fine dining like I am now.  Original Joe's though.  The best food people from Humboldt have ever eaten or would ever be comfortable enough to try.  Sort of funny.  Sort of sad.

My favourite recent Humboldt story that my dad told me took place on Moonlight Madness - a Thursday night (I think they changed it to Friday this year, major scandal) during the Christmas season where all the local businesses have big sales on certain items to get everyone out and shopping.  This year Extra Foods offered eggs for $1 and butter for $2.  According to my dad, dozens of people lined up outside of Extra Foods waiting to get their cheap butter and eggs, and it was really fun.  Hahahahaha I love it.  How can that not make you sort of wish you were from a small town, maybe just for Moonlight Madness so you could wait in line for $1 eggs with the rest of the community?

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