Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Texts from My Mom

You may remember that my mom loves texting.  She has recently developed the habit of replacing as many words as possible with letters or numbers, which make her already amusing texts even better.  So, in light of this development, I have decided to start a new blog feature called


My mom on the weather:

>Its so icy u can hardy walk on the sidewalks but on tue when u come home it supposed 2 b 10 4 a few days
>Seems 2 b nicer there than here
>R u going 2 bed now

My mom's Halloween costume:

>I have a witch costume on that i made out of black garbage bags me hot
>Its really cool i pulled the bottom of the skirt 2 make it look ragged and gathered the skirt with packing tape u would b proud if u saw it

My mom on biking and her weekend activities:

>Rode my bike 2 work scary cause roads r icy and bumpy but calm and fresh
>Went 2 mamma mia yesterday it was nice weather 12 said the van
(Me:  did you get any trick or treaters?)
>No at mamma mia in afternoon got home at 730 didn't see any but your house had a person ally carved a jackolantern put it on the step with a candle it looked cool in the dark
>Wish me luck riding the bike home on the treacherous humboldt streets maybe they melted during the day ill let u know how they r im sure u r dying 2 no haha
>Leaving now
>Made it melted lots since this am still scary tho lots traffic on 12th

My mom keeping up with my eating habits:

>Whats 4 lunch
(Me: I had soup and salad)
>Where r u going 4 supper
>Soup and salad good lunch
>Riding home 4 lunch roads good now not eating here depends whos cooking

And finally, a Tip of the Day:

>How r u enjoying your day wayne just told me about a website called he said its his tip of the day

I have to say I am getting sooo glad my mom knows how 2 text.  This daily amusement is so awesome haha.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha I appreciated this blog.