Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Added Touch

You may remember the time Hammacher Schlemmer was trying to sell me a two million dollar submarine.  Well, lately it seems that they have shared my address with several other catalogues (all from the same mail-order service address in Oakville, ON) and some of these catalogues seem to now think that I'm not a high rolla anymore, but a grandmother.

The latest catalogue I've been receiving (and I called to have my name taken off the list, don't worry) is called The Added Touch.  If you would like to laugh at some stuff, check out their website.  However I have found a few items that really represent the overall feel of the catalogue so that you can see what I mean by they think I'm a grandmother.

The Added Touch seems to specialize in things old ladies might wear, furniture old ladies might buy, figurines old ladies might put in their china cabinets, and stupid gifts old ladies might buy for their unfortunate grandchildren.  Listen, I love grandparents to death but sometimes they don't always realize that kids don't have the same taste in placemats and crystal unicorns as they do.

Let's start our journey into The Added Touch with a set of wine stoppers with adorable puppies on top:

For only $16.99 plus shipping and handling you could own one of these hand painted resin canines!  GUARANTEED if I ever own one of those dog breeds my grandma will buy me one of these or something very similar.  GUARANTEED.

Next, we have something just perfect for entertaining at your holiday party:

I don't know about you but I would not spend 70 bucks on a pair of pyjamas, let alone wear them to a party.  Yikes.

Next:  feeling like your current vanity stool needs a little glamming up?

It sort of looks like one of those cakes where a Barbie is poking out the top of a giant icing skirt, don't you think?

I like cats.  We all like a cute kitten, right?  Well WHAT IF you could hear a cat meowing EVERY TIME you took a sip of your morning coffee?

Now you can, people, now you can.

And finally, I KNOW you have been stressing about what dress to wear this weekend:


Almost tempted to keep getting these... almost.

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