Thursday, November 4, 2010

DavidsTea Obsession Update

fWhen my recent online order comes in I will own 15 different varieties of loose leaf tea from DavidsTea.

I am SO addicted and I am never drinking bagged tea again.  Okay maybe... like I will take all my boxed stuff to work with me and drink it there or something.  But seriously.  It is so insanely good.  I don't even want to drink coffee ever again either because DavidsTea even has some tea/coffee blend type drinks (tea with coffee beans in it!) that are pretty excellent as well.  It is probably good that Saskatoon doesn't have one because I would be in there every day spending all my money.

I texted Yasmine, the friend/co-worker who introduced me to DavidsTea in the summer, today and told her that she has created a monster.  But as addictions go I think this one is pretty okay.

Seriously, go to the website and tell me you don't want to try every variety.

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