Sunday, November 7, 2010

Texts From My Mom v. II

Is it already time for another installment of Texts From My Mom?  Yes, yes it is.

The story here is that this afternoon Brahm and I drove out to Humboldt to go to a turkey supper at my parents' church.  All the food is donated and cooked by members of the congregation.  Also, this summer part of the highway was shut down between Saskatoon and Humboldt because it was under water so now there is some construction in that zone.

November 6, 2010

>i need 2 make 2 pies 4 tomorrow i have all the stuff 2 make them
(Me:  what kind of pies are you making?)
>i have canned pumpkin
>they r widening the hiway where the water overflowed
>Theres a bit of construction there roughrider game on now hope they win already lost 4 in a row

November 7, 2010

>We will b atthe church at 345 there is 1 lane traffic at the water not a problem but just so u no u might c ed smith* [*name changed] flying in his plan
(Then, a text received as I am driving on the highway in time to get there by 3:45, read at the church)
>Drive slow starts at 415 i wont b there til about 4
(Me:  Well we are here now)
>We at the church come

Bold represents one of the best texts I have ever received.  We did not see Ed flying in his plan, unfortunately.

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