Wednesday, January 11, 2012


If you follow my blog and know that I started a regular posting schedule (MWF) a couple months ago, you might be like where is today's post?????????  I got home from work like 5 hours late today and I'm too lazy to write anything good right now BUT tomorrow I am going to tell you about something cool that I started a little over a week ago and on Friday I will tell you a funny story about something that happened in Iceland that I keep forgetting about so I need to immortalize it on the internet.

My mom just texted me to say "the middle is on it funny".  The Middle is her favourite show, and she texts me and my sisters pretty much every week when it airs to tell us to watch it.

ALSO - I finally figured out after over a year of doing it wrong how to properly put earplugs in my ear.  I could never figure out how to get them into the ear so usually they just sat there and fell out when I moved.  BUT NOW I KNOW.

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