Thursday, January 12, 2012


Okay!  As promised, today I am going to tell you about something cool that I started!  The cool thing is......


growing garlic!

Here is the thing I hate most about garlic:  the environmental impact.  Did you know that pretty much all grocery store garlic is imported from freaking CHINA?  When it is a perfectly easy thing to grow in freaking CANADA?  I always die a little inside when I buy grocery store garlic, and when the last grocery store garlic I bought started sprouting, I decided to do a little research into if it is possible to grow garlic indoors in the winter.

The answer to that question appeared to be a resounding DUH and also it is apparently as easy as "put some dirt in a pot.  Put a clove in the dirt.  Water it sometimes.  Give it some sun."

So, I put some dirt in a pot, put a clove in the dirt, watered it, and flew up to work for the week (yes, I recognize the irony of my environmental consciousness, but let's start that debate another time), pretty much forgetting completely about the garlic.

I got home last night and suddenly remembered my garlic.  "Did you water my garlic???" I asked my sisters.  "No" said Megan.  "What garlic?" said Allyson.  I ran into the next room where the garlic was planted (as if getting there half a second faster might save the garlic from drying out) and saw THIS:

(Except it was dark so it wasn't that exact scene.)

Wow!  Amazing!  Without being watered for a whole week to boot!  I am really excited about this project now, and can't wait to see how it turns out!  Hopefully, no more planet-killing-China-garlic for me!

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