Friday, January 6, 2012

The Return of Texts From My Mom

It's been a while since we've had any good Texts From My Mom but I'm happy to report that she's back!

Topic 1:  Brahm's Sink

Me:  Brahm's kitchen sink is broken at his house, his upstairs neighbours' sink drains into his sink and then won't drain
Mom:  Grammas in her apt duz that if is going home tomorrow they need a slumber put the stopper im maybe wont come up
Mom:  Can brahm use his sink if the ppl upstairs dont use theirs
Me:  No it doesn't drain at all, or maybe extremely slowly.  He has to keep bailing it out I think, at least that is what he was doing last night
(NOTE:  This whole conversation was because my mom wanted to know what we did for New Years.)
Mom:  Did you see the enchanted forest this year
Me:  No
Mom:  (A few hours later)  How is brahm doing with the drain situation is his room mate home
Me:  Not sure, he said he was going to phone his landlord today and that's all he can do because he's leaving tomorrow
Mom:  Yeah someone else can look after it good thing if was there tho otherwise May have been a mess Were leaving now

Topic 2:  Goat Cheese

Mom:  I bought some goat cheese fr bulk cheese warehouse but cant eat it by itself yuc what could i do with it to cook do you know
Me:  I put it in salads usually, you could also eat it with fruit, spread some on a prune or date or something like cheeseball
Me:  Or put some on a cracker with a dried cherry or cranberry or something.  Kind of needs some sweetness with it
Mom:  Yeah it bitter tasting ill try it with my date

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