Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goyo Kumba Eggplant

Sometime in the fall Brahm and I went to Costco and saw the craziest plant for sale in the flower section.  It looked like a long stem with miniature pumpkins growing off of it!  We poked and prodded it a bit to determine if it was real, or just a plastic decoration (it was real) and contemplated buying it because it was kind of amazing.  A baby pumpkin plant?  Who had ever heard of such a thing?

Later that week I did some Googling and discovered that this mysterious plant was actually a type of eggplant - most likely the Goyo Kumba eggplant.

Source:  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

The ones we saw were more orange than red - I imagine they get red when they are more ripe?

Anyway if you know me at all, you probably have guessed that I ordered some of these seeds and am anxious to plant them this summer!  I'm not sure if they will work because I didn't have great luck with regular eggplant last summer but we'll see what happens. 

I love plants!

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