Friday, July 1, 2011

Gardening - The Adventure Continues

My last post about gardening was almost 2 months ago, and a lot has happened since then! 

I took this picture in early June, after transplanting my tomatoes once again into larger pots:

And now just barely a month later, every single one has buds or blooms or tiny tomatoes!  I had to buy cages yesterday because some were starting to fall over, but now they are all well-supported and hopefully on their way to producing an abundance of colourful and delicious tomatoes.

The one neat thing about having to be away from home for 7 days at a time is getting to see how much the plants grow from the time I leave to when I get home again - I'm pretty sure they grew about a foot during the last week.  And when I left, only 4 plants had little tomato buds on them but now they all do!

I often look out my window and see people staring at all the plants as they walk by.  I am sure some people think a crazy old woman obsessed with plants must live at my house, but when your backyard is a parking lot with no where to plant things, you have to improvise.

Besides the 20 tomato plants, I have 4 celery plants, two eggplants (which are still tiny and I highly doubt I'm going to get anything out of), 3 types of mint, lemon balm, 4 cucumber plants that aren't doing so well but we'll see what happens, parsley, dill (which is dying, but I threw some seeds in the rocky dirt to see what would happen - looks like they are coming up), bell peppers, stevia, and then yesterday my mom came to visit and I realized there were a bunch more plants in the yard.  I think this needs to stop before it gets too out of control.

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