Friday, July 29, 2011

Scoping out Wedding Venue!

You may or may not know that we booked our wedding venue (and photographer) before we were "officially" engaged.  The way we saw it, we'd been talking about getting married for years so the "official" engagement coincided more with actually announcing things rather than making wedding plans.  So no, the proposal was not a Big Surprise but not having any input into my own future before we started making wedding plans would not have flew.  I digress.

But anyway, we booked The Berry Barn near Saskatoon for our venue without looking around too much.  We went out there in the spring before anything was blooming to check it out and decided it was the place we wanted.  I'd never seen it in the summer, or with the tents set up, so we sort of took a gamble.  Then a couple days ago my sister Megan went out there with some friends and started worrying that it might be too small of a venue and would be a terrible venue if it rained.  I wasn't too phased but still a little worried that maybe we had jumped the gun and should have shopped around a bit more.

BUT yesterday Allyson and I went to check it out, and all my worries evaporated and turned into excitement.  I get to get married and have a big party in this awesome space!

 When you first walk in to this very large outdoor space, there is a big set of tents on one side and tons of trees and flowers and Saskatoon berry bushes on the other!  The berry bushes surround the whole property so snacks will always be within reach haha.

 A closer up picture of the tents - unless it rains, sides stay up.

Inside the tent - definitely not set up for a wedding... see the next picture from the Berry Barn's website:

A little better I'd say.

 What you see standing beside the tent.

Shady deck area for hanging out with a glass of wine (or, plastic cup of wine, v. classy).  Another view:

So nice!  I can't wait to sit there and visit with people.

 The arch that begins the aisle, ending at a little chapel!

Not sure why that table is there haha.

Seating areas from the steps of the chapel.

 The best part:  A FIRE PIT!  Yes I am having s'mores and hotdogs at my wedding woooooooooo.  SO FUN yes my dress will smell like smoke but I will also have to pee in an outhouse so you just have to not care at some point.

 Another shot from the back of the area (the fire pit is behind those big trees).

Final shot of the property with the fire pit on one side and the deck wayyy in the back.  I am not sure if water runs through that little stream or if it's just for decoration or for runoff when it rains.

Yayyyyyy what a nice venue!  And even if it rains and we have to stay in the tent, I don't care.  I would rather wear rubber boots than heels anyway.

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