Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Flies

Me:  I have a lot of black fly bites :(

Mom:  Yes megan said im your hair you need a hat or hood

Me:  I had a net but they got inside somehow.  Most of my bites are around my waist though because they went up my shirt.

Mom:  Wow there must be lots there are they very itchy

Me:  Yes so itchy.  The black flies are terrible up here they just swarm your head everywhere you go if it is sunny out.

Mom:  Hope theyre not bad at was cause sew lake how do they get under a shirtonad bv The lake they were bad you had yelts all over your back

Me:  I don't understand what onad bv means

Mom:  Oops dont have a clue either Haha

Mom:  Just saw aaron neville walk through the bess bv The jazz fest cool huh

Mom:  Bee vee equals at fyi Haha

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