Monday, June 6, 2011

I guess they just really wanted me to see X-Men

If you are a dedicated longtime reader, you might remember my vow to never go to Cineplex theatres again because of their sketchiness in how they store people's movie watching history, as well as having the worst website.  Unfortunately, I don't think I've been back since that fiasco so I forgot about the vow.  Okay maybe I remembered the vow, but when someone invites you to a movie and you say "no I can't, I hate Cineplex even though I have nothing else to do tonight" it doesn't really work so you just have to suck it up.

So anyway I remembered the vow but forgot why I took the vow (terrible terrible customer service and a broken website).  So when my friend said "buy your ticket online so you get extra bonus points!" I was like "oh yeah good call."

We were going to see the 10:10 show for Bridesmaids.  I logged in to the terrible website and started entering my information.  I clicked through to the page where I had to enter my Visa number (which, by the way, took about 4 pages of info entering already - BAD DESIGN) and noticed that the price was higher than what the original ticket I selected had said.  Curious, I skimmed the page to see what had changed.  This is what it was asking me to enter my Visa number to go see:

X-Men: First Class in CALGARY.  WTF Cineplex?  Good thing I double checked.

To reverse this I had to go all the way back to the beginning of the process.  I had to re-log in, re-select my movie (which I had selected before but for whatever reason the Cineplex website just decided to change the movie and the city on me), and finally the Visa page was showing that I was actually buying a ticket for Bridesmaids in Saskatoon.

After about 5 more confirmations, I saw an email waiting for me in my inbox.  I downloaded the pdf confirmation/movie ticket which had my name and email address on it but was for TWO TICKETS to, you guessed it, X-Men at the Chinook Centre.

We were supposed to be leaving for the theatre in less than an hour at this point so I was getting annoyed.  I called Guest Services and was promptly put on hold, but while I waited I noticed another confirmation email, this time for the correct movie and location.  I looked at the X-Men confirmation again and saw that it hadn't been my credit card charged for the transaction, but someone else didn't get their tickets because the excellent Cineplex website is in the business of emailing tickets to the wrong address!

So let this be a lesson to me AGAIN, as well as anyone else reading - be careful about buying Cineplex tickets online!  They might just sent your ticket to the wrong person, or redirect you to buy a ticket for the wrong movie in the wrong city.

I hope I have learned my lesson now and if you ever go to a movie with me, please remind me to pay cash at the box office from now on.


  1. I saw X-men on Saturday in Montreal so maybe someone hacked our accounts together with WIZARD MAGIC???

    No, Cineplex is just dumb. My thinking is that movie theatres are just unpopular enough that unless you're going to an opening weekend show (for something like Harry Potter) you don't need advance tickets, just get there 60>n>30 minutes early

  2. Follow-up: The BEST movie theatre company ever received this voicemail after they ejected her from a theatre for texting:

    After they received the voicemail, they made it into that commercial and it plays before every R-rated movie they screen. BEST. COMPANY. EVER.