Saturday, February 12, 2011

Real Donuts

I have mentioned before that I grew up in Humboldt, which mostly sucks except for the fact that it has the best bakery I've ever been to that makes the best donuts I've ever tasted.  This bakery is called The Danish Oven and if you are ever passing through Humboldt, it is downtown on Main Street next to the museum (the old, tall building with the clock tower).  You MUST go there.

I grew up eating Danish Oven donuts and didn't even realize that other donuts paled in comparison until I tried a grocery store donut when I was probably 10 or 11 and it didn't taste like I was expecting it to.  Tim Hortons cannot hold a candle to these donuts.  They are fresh made every morning and 100% fried; not fried, frozen, thawed, and baked to finish the process.  They are not greasy but not dry either.  They are so light and fresh that you could easily squish the whole thing into your mouth at once if you really wanted to, but treats like these need to be savored.  The icing, often accompanied by sprinkles, is exactly sweet enough to complement the donut, not sickly sweet at all.

They are clearly unhealthy (hello, they are donuts) but you can definitely tell that they are freshly made with normal ingredients that one can pronounce and probably has at home in their own pantry.  They taste... real, is the best way I can describe them.  I once had a bunch with me in Saskatoon and asked people if they wanted to try a "real donut" and upon tasting them someone remarked "I see what you mean about this being a 'real' donut".

I have never found anywhere that makes donuts that even come close.  I think if they ever closed down or stopped making donuts I would actually cry.  I once bought a donut from Nutana Bakery in Saskatoon, and it was also what I'd categorize as a "real donut", way better than Tim Hortons, but still not near as amazing as The Danish Oven.

Unless you've had a Danish Oven donut, you haven't tasted the best donuts in the world yet.  This should be on your bucket lists, people.  So start planning your donut road trips to Humboldt, and bring me back a bismark and a maple long john.

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