Friday, February 11, 2011

Eyeless Michael's

Oh yeah.  This is what I actually meant to post about today, before I got sidetracked watching Parks and Recreation and needed to share my love of it with all (one? two?) of you.

My friend Dani is teaching me how to crochet so we can make these guys:

Crochet Star Wars characters!  Hooray!  I bought the patterns off Etsy and we started working on the Storm Trooper today.

Anyway before I went over to her house I went to Michael's to pick up some of the eyes.  I found an aisle called "Dollmaking/Plush" where I assumed such pieces would probably be.  However the aisle was full of paint, paintbrushes, and wooden models.  I looked through every aisle in the store (also following around a sales associate who kept getting flagged down by other people every time I almost started to ask for help) and finally just went to the register to ask where I might find the eyes.

"Actually, we don't carry eyes anymore" the girl informed me.

Ummmmm... I am confused.  You don't carry eyes anymore?  Some executive at Michael's decided one day "Hey guys, I think maybe we should stop carrying eyes" and someone else was like "I second that" and someone else was like "Yes!  Because we are clearly losing millions per year on eyes"??????????

Make a note of it, fellow crafters:  Michael's is no longer carrying eyes.  You will have to look elsewhere for all of your eye needs. 

Except googly eyes.  It still has an aisle full of those.

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