Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grandma stuff

One time when there was a family gathering at my grandma's house she poured all of the grandkids a glass of milk and then casually mentioned that because we are kids we shouldn't be drinking skim milk (note:  we are all over 18, most of us in our 20s) so she makes us 1% milk by mixing skim with half-and-half cream.

Well, I have a math degree so I am going to do a few fancy calculations here.  Let's assign a percentage of 1 to skim milk (because you can't take an average of something and zero) and half and half, which is 15%, then becomes 16% if we up the fat content by 1 of everything else after skim.  The average of 1 and 16 is ACTUALLY 8.5, not 2, which would correspond to 1% milk.  MATH FACTS MATH FACTS

Something else very important to my grandma is that the Ellen DeGeneres show is always winning the Emmy for best talk show, but it's a VARIETY show, not a talk show.  Oprah and Dr. Phil are talk shows.  Ellen is a variety show.  So she should NOT be winning the Emmy every year for best talk show. 

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